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HOA Board 

President Bob Boonin    
Treasurer   Angela Murgola    
Secretary Mark Coleman    
Board Members: Delores Longo    
  Robert Stock    
  Robert Kelly    
  Caryle Bethel    

For any RHOA related issues please first contact
Camco Services through the contact info provided below


Capital Projects All Board Members  
Management & Architecture Bob Boonin  
Landscape Robert Stock  
Pool Angela Murgola  
Waste-Water Bob Boonin  
Finance Angela Murgola  
Community Relations & Welcome Committee Delores Longo  
Policy Manual Mark Coleman  

Property Management, Camco Services
P.O. Box 990, Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776
email: nataliel@camcoservicesny.com

Property Manager Natalie Linder 631 476-2100 ext. 205
Property Coordinator Christina Soto 631 476-2100 ext. 211
President Charles Lefkowtiz 631 476-2100 ext. 203
Fax 631 473-1349473-1349  
EMERGENCY LINE 631 774-8958 (5:00pm - 9.00am)  


Please communicate directly with the Committee Chairs concerning their areas of responsibility. Notice that Capital Projects include painting and roofing.

Homeowners are welcome to bring issues and to participate in discussion at our regularly scheduled Board Meetings.  We have set aside 7:00-7:30:M at each Board Meeting for such discussions.

For day to day issues and problems, please contact CAMCO Services at 476-2100.


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The Board...

represents the Homeowners.  Its main responsibilities are to set policies, to enter into contractual agreements for work to be done and to prepare and adopt an annual budget.

The Officers execute the policies of the Board, and have overall responsibility for the management of the Riviera Home Owner's Association.  Click here for Board Member information.

Homeowners are welcome to bring issues and to participate in discussions at our regularly scheduled Board Meetings. We have set aside time at the beginning of each Board Meeting for such discussions.

The Committees...
review specific issues and tasks.  They prepare and present issues to the Board and make recommendations.  They oversee the work in their areas of responsibility, and consult with the Management Company and the Contractors to ensure that all work is performed to the standard of the Riviera.  Click here for a list of Committee members.

The Management Company...

manages the day-to-day  business of the Association, as agreed to with the Board and its Officers.  They co-ordinate and supervise the work done for the Association and by contractors.  Click here for management company telephone numbers.

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Architectural Changes  

Traditionally, the Board reviews applications for architectural/landscape changes.  These requests are either granted or denied, based upon their architectural conformity to the standards of the Riviera Community.  No change or alteration of any type to the exterior of the units or property surrounding the units may be performed without board approval.

However, Board approval of architectural changes (additions, modifications, etc.) does not imply structural safety, integrity, and/or conformity to Village, Town or Suffolk County building Codes.  (These are separate approvals.)

Board approval simply implies conformity to the Riviera's architectural appearance and standards, and consideration for surrounding neighborhood properties.

The Board grants final approval only after all conditions have been fulfilled.  Homeowners should not presume approval, and should not begin construction, without approval, so as  to avoid possible legal responsibility and action from neighbors and/or the Association.

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Awning Installation


The installation of awnings must be approved by the Board of Directors.  The homeowner may choose from the following colors: White/Grey/Forest Green.  Stripes are not permitted.  All awnings installed before 1998 have been grand-fathered until replaced. 

Before installing awnings, write a letter to the Board telling them where the awnings will be installed and the color selected.  Please do not install awning until you receive the letter of approval.





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Disrepair of Lots


The Value of homeowners' property is directly related to the appearance and maintenance of our homes. Please maintain your property.  If property is not maintained in a satisfactory manner, the Board has the right to enter you lot and to maintain or restore its disrepaired condition, at your cost.  This includes not only lots but buildings, fences, additions and/or improvements.


The Board will give written notification to homeowners whose property is in a state of disrepair in writing, giving them 30 days to respond.  If there is no response, or the situation is reconciled, the above policy will be enforced.



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Dog Control and Clean-Up

(based on Pooper-Scooper Law, Village of PJ

Owners of dogs must pick up after them, and dispose of waste in a sanitary manner.


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Insurance Requirements



The RHOA policy covers only original builders specifications (as built)-- to cover upgrades, additions or alterations (such as windows, kitchens, oil burners, bathrooms, carpeting. built-ins, lighting, security systems, structural changes, etc.),  additional insurance is needed.

 Special Note: Homeowners are advised to consult with their own insurance brokers, to ensure appropriate and adequate coverage of their units.


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Landscape maintenance/changes

You, the homeowners are responsible for your own front yards, side yards, backyards abutting your  units, as RHOA landscape funds are for community landscaping only.  This is common property.

All major changes to individual lots require permission and approval from the Board, with plans submitted in advance. If landscaping change is desired you should write a letter of request to the Board, and should submit a detailed plan of the desired changes, (with the letter).

Be sure not to make or begin to make landscape changes, without written Board approval.

All property that has been changed (i.e. that you or former owners have landscaped) becomes your  maintenance responsibility, and that of future homeowners.  Board approval of changes, does not alter this responsibility.

You must provide regular maintenance to your property, to keep it neat so as  to conform to Riviera Standards of excellence. Such maintenance includes front yards, side yards and backyards, unless they have been designated as “Community Parcels” (common property).


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Maintenance Responsibilities 


Association Responsibility:

  • Exterior painting to each home and garage
  • Maintenance of the roof of each home and garage.

  • Maintenance of skylights which were installed by the developer; or an allowance of $250 each, if replacement is necessary

  •  Maintenance for pipes, wires or conduits located outside of owners homes.
    Note: The partly enclosed privacy area adjacent to the front of each home (i.e. the courtyard) is not the responsibility of the Association.

  • Maintenance of Community Parcels: (defined as areas devoted to the common use and/or enjoyment of homeowners)

  • Maintenance and repair of leaders and gutters

  • Snow removal of walks and driveways

  • Garbage removal

  • Cesspool maintenance on cyclical basis 


Homeowners Responsibility:

  • Cracked or broken windows and doors, including garage doors

  • Maintenance of driveway (holes, blacktop, etc.)

  • Repairs and maintenance to a party wall or fence

  • Maintenance and replacement of fascia

  • Decks and railings, both maintenance and replacement

  • Landscape and maintenance of individual homeowners front lots, side lots and back lots (all property abutting homeowners units)

  • Skylight replacement

NOTE: Painting of Additions and Alterations will be performed by RHOA contractors, 
but will be billed to homeowner, on a “pro-rated” basis


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We require your cooperation because of  limited parking spaces and narrow streets.  To maintain the aesthetics of our community, to prevent accidents related to carelessness, and to allow passage for emergency vehicles, please !

Never park

·                    on lookout Ridge (except on East side, when the pool is open)

·                     on both sides of any street in the community, as indicated by street signs

·                    less than ten (10) feet from the comers

·                    in turn-around zones

Special Note: The Village of Port Jefferson requires that in winter homeowners do not park  in streets, especially when they are away for an extended period of time (more than 24 hours).  


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Using the Pool 

Rules and regulations for using the Pool and Safety are printed separately, and will be issued each year, before the Pool opens for the season. These are designed for your enjoyment and safety.

If you do not receive our updated Rules and Regulations, please  request one from  the Management Company.

Complaints and/or suggestions should be directed to  the Management Company.  

The Pool is reserved exclusively for members in good standing and their guests. Tenants may be designated as members if the owner notifies the Board in writing and agrees to relinquish membership privileges. Owners and tenants may not simultaneously have membership privileges.

A pool key is issued to each unit owner and should be transferred at the time of sale to new owners.  Each key is coded to a specific unit but is the property of the Association.  These keys cannot be duplicated.



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RHOA Reserve Fund

The RHOA has the primary fiscal responsibility to insure that sufficient funds are available to preserve the value of individual units, common properties and the community as a whole.

To this end, the Board has developed a plan to establish a Reserve Fund for major repair and replacement. This Fund is outside the normal Operating Budget and is divided into two categories: a Scheduled Reserve and a Contingent Reserve. The Board is responsible to determine the required amounts for funding each of the two categories of the Reserve Fund.

The funding plan is based on the age and condition of the covered components, their useful life, inflation rate, and estimated of cost of replacement and or repairs. The estimates are based on engineering studies, prior experience and previous contract work performed and is reviewed annually.

The Board will report to the community, as part of the annual budgeting process, that portion of the assessments to be allocated to the Reserve Fund. Any expenditure from Reserve Fund will be charged against the appropriate category and reported as such.


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Selling and Leasing of Homes  


Homeowners are permitted to sell, convey, or mortgage their homes without Board approval. 
Only one open House per week is permitted, per residence, and the Management Company should be notified of the dates. “FOR SALE” or “FOR RENT” signs posted on homeowners' or common property is not permitted.

Although not required, it is good protocol to notify the Management Company or Board President, of intentions to sell a residence. Realtors may post one sign at either entrance to the Riviera; and one sign on a car parked in homeowner’s driveway. Homeowner must bring past due maintenance fees, assessments, and/or other signed conveyances, up to date. Although not required, it is good protocol to notify Management Company of the name (s) of new homeowners (s), and the approximate “move-in” date.


Homeowners may NOT lease or rent their homes or any portion of their homes to Section “8” subsidy tenants, summer tenants, students (living singly or in groups). Moreover, multiple, unrelated persons are not permitted to rent or lease a residence, (i.e. live in one unit), with or without the homeowners.

 The minimum lease period is one year.

 The Management Company is required by the Board to keep an updated file of all renters or lessees, with name (s) of occupants.  Homeowner landlords must complete and forward to the Management Company, a Special “Lease Form” which will be kept on file. It will indicate the name (s) and number (s) of tenants, and the length of the lease period.

If homeowners, are in doubt about rentals or lessees, their questions should be directed to the Management Company.  Homeowners or lessees who do not want their names, addresses or phone numbers included in the Riviera Directory, must notify the Management Company.


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Skylight Replacement




The Board is responsible for maintaining skylights with necessary repairs and caulking. However, when the only recourse to solving the problem is replacement, it (the replacement skylight ) will be at the individual homeowner’s expense. The Board is responsible only for the cost of exterior installation. Any interior repairs or additions that result are the responsibility of the homeowner.

The Board will endeavor to negotiate the best price possible for the homeowner with contractors, to minimize the cost.

 Homeowner should inform the Management Company of the need to replace skylight (s), by calling or by mail. Try to plan ahead, (in advance of a crisis). Allow sufficient time for Management Company to inspect skylights.  Homeowners may use their own contractor, if replacement is approved.  An allowance of $250 per original skylight will be sent to the homeowner by the Association.


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Tree-Topping on Common Property

  • Any trimming or topping of trees on Riviera Property requires the approval of the Board of Directors.

  •   The work must be done by an Arborist and the plan must be approved by the Board and, is at the expense of the affected homeowners

  •  The work, when approved, must be conducted under the supervision of the Riviera Landscape Committee and the Association’s appointed managing agent

  • Under no circumstance will trees be topped below 1/3 of their height, nor will healthy trees be removed.

  *****Moreover, any tree-topping on village property (“Greenbelt Areas”) requires the approval of the Village of Port Jefferson. Tree-topping on neighbors private property is never allowed.*****

Write a letter to the Board and Village stating your intentions, with specific details (i.e. number and location of trees).

 If a survey map is requested by the RHOA, or Village to establish parameters (property lines), it is the responsibility of the homeowner (s) making the request, to obtain the survey, and to submit it to the Board and/or Village


Do not begin tree‑trimming or tree-topping until approval (s) are received, in writing.


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Waste Management

The RHOA is responsible for the maintenance of the Septic and Cesspool system. In order to maintain the efficiency of the system the Board subscribes to the following policy and process:

·        Periodic Pump-outs of solid waste at a minimum of once every two years

·        Removal and resealing of covers to prevent odor

·        Addition of Bacteria into the system.

The Association will also respond to emergency problems such as overflows or backups. In the event of  improper action by any resident, the cost of repair will be charged to the homeowner.

The Board is not responsible for structural or plumbing problems inside or under the home.

You are advised against excessive use of detergents, bubbly soap liquids, harsh chemicals, as well as against discarding of debris, garbage, excessive oils, and/or any other kinds of obstructing materials, that do not easily assimilate into the system.

Your co-operation is important in keeping an efficient system and in keeping our maintenance costs low.  

If you want to know the schedule of pump-outs, please call the Management Company for the current schedule. 

Homeowners will be notified prior to scheduled septic maintenance.


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Woods Management Program

The Riviera is fortunate to be situated on 45 acres of natural woodlands.

The new policy is to maintain the natural life cycle of the woods utilizing the principles of environmental integrity and ecological balance.

The common woods of the Riviera Community are along Lookout Ridge (on both sides), extending into the common woods abutting the adjacent streets (Rockledge, Overlook and Watersedge); Additionally, the woods surrounding Laurel Crescent; and all the wooded property surrounding the pool and abutting along Timberline Circle.

The program does not include common woods in the rear of homeowners units, nor common woods that affect homeowners water views.

 N.Y.S. Certified Arborists will be contracted to conduct seasonal “clean-ups” in accordance with approved horticultural regulations and procedures. Under the supervision of a Riviera resident with experience and knowledge of woods maintenance, the contractors will remove unnecessary underbrush, saplings, choking vines (i.e. briar), and/or any other undesirable vegetation that interferes with the sunlight and nutrition required for the proper health, growth and development of the (trees and shrubs) in Riviera’s woods.


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